"The outer world of circumstance shapes itself to the inner world of thought. Circumstances does not make the man; it reveals him to himself."
-James Allen-

Partner Profiles

Business Agility Solutions Sdn Bhd

Business Agility Solutions (BAS) is focused on Agile and Lean methods to transform organisations into "learning organisations" that are better suited to take advantage of variations or disruptions in the market rather than be blind-sided by them. BAS is a practiced based consulting company with actionable knowledge to create the space for organisations to change sustainably.

The emergence of Agila & Lean methods in re-shaping of the software development industry has provided a new impetus for software teams to self-organised execution, working closely with business people and leveraging on early feedbacks to deliver products that are relevant to modern businesses that face the pressure of frequent changes.

Strategy Edge

Strategy Edge was founded by a group of experienced management consultants and software developers passionate about enabling organizations to implement strategies effectively.

Having helped organisations formulate and implement strategies, they developed a software tool to enable the effective management of strategy implementation.

Being able to visually see how strategy can be cascaded down in an organisation enables the Board of Directors, Senior Management as well as individual staff members better appreciate strategic alignment, and how individuals contribute to the overall strategy.

CMC Culture & Management Consulting, Europe

CMC assists transnational Fortune 500 Companies in enhancing cross-cultural skills of their upper and middle management through Training, Coaching and Consulting. Since the founding of CMC in 1992, its scope has extended by joining and creating networks to ensure global coverage and continuity of its services.

Mr. Mijnd Huijser is the founder of CMC and has worked for more than fifteen years in South-east Asia, the Middle East and France. He worked in joint assignments with Professor Hofstede's Training Institute, Trompenaars-Hampden-Turner, and the Royal Institute of the Tropics in the Netherlands. He is the author of two books: The Profit of Peace, on culture and the ethical dilemmas of international business in failing states, and The Cultural Advantage, on what it takes to be a successful global team.

CMC and AC work jointly on projects in South East Asia. While CMC has deep experiences in reconciling different management styles and cultures, AC brings the holistic corporate and systems perspective into play to drive changes beyond the management team and manifest it in the culture of organizations.

iCap Business Solutions, South Africa & Singapore

i-Cap is a Black owned (56%) business solutions provider focused on transformational projects since 1991 with the start of start of the University of Cape Town's Graduate School of Business Breakwater Monitor project.

The company realises the optimal value of intellectual capital for clients through: continuous research, understanding and meeting client needs, development of innovative business solutions in the areas of Business Strategy, Business Strategy & Modeling, Black Economic Empowerment, Human Capital Management and Employment Equity and the promotion of intellectual capital principles.

i-Cap has consulted for a broad spectrum of organisations, including: Hewlett-Packard, Kraft Foods South Africa, IBM, Department of Trade & Industry, Cipro, Nampak; Tiger-Brands; Gold Reef City Casino, Old Mutual, Sanlam, Metropolitan and many others. The company has offices in Johannesburg, Nelspruit and Singapore.

AC offers Change Management solutions to the South African market in partnership with i-Cap.

Transform Leadership Consulting (TLC)

Transform Leadership Consulting (TLC) is a management and leadership development company, established in 2009, in South Africa, offering Human Capital services with focus on Improving leadership practices, Change management, Leadership development and Team effectiveness. TLC forms collaborative partnerships with local and international experts. Our partners and consultants have extensive work experience in the public & private sector, mining, financial and IT industry. They have in-depth knowledge and understanding of large corporate environments.

Our core team of experienced Management Consultants is supported by a network of Associates located throughout Africa and Asia-Pacific. Our team is a culturally diverse team with multi-cultural exposure.

fgi – FischerGroupInternational

fgi is an international consulting company for Top Executives and global corporations. The main activities of fgi are Executive Coaching, Leadership Transition, Change Management and Leadership Excellence. They are based in Hamburg, Germany. For more than 20 years now, we having been helping our customers – including 20 of the 30 DAX companies in Germany – to handle the entire range of management¬ topics within the framework of leadership development, talent management, mergers and acquisitions as well as far-reaching cultural changes.

Communications Engineering Limited (CEL)

CEL HK was formed in 1984 to provide quality advanced Information Technology training to the IT sector in HK. Today, they are a diversified training company offering a full spectrum of professional training and development services including Management Skills, Personal Effectiveness, and Financial Training for professionals who are employees of major corporate and public sector organisations. They have an excellent reputation for delivering real-world, value added training seminars in Hong Kong, Macau and China.

Dun & Bradstreet Hong Kong

D&B (NYSE DNB) is the world's leading source of commercial information and insight on businesses, enabling customers to Decide with Confidence® for over 168 years. Established in 1981, Dun & Bradstreet (HK) Limited has developed into a full-fledged operation offering a wide spectrum of Risk Management, Sales & Marketing and Enterprise Consulting & Learning Solutions. These solutions help businesses manage credit exposure, improve cash flow, find profitable customers, analyze the marketplace, manage database efficiently, and improve corporate and executive performance. D&B HK now employs over 100 dedicated associates in Hong Kong.

Human Capital Group (HCG)

Human Capital Group is unique in that we bring together three strong business lines to offer our clients a suite of services. From search to talent development and retention we help our clients form a Human Capital foundation to anchor their future growth prospects.

Our team of consultants is made up from the best of the best in their field of expertise; we are without peer in China.

From our strategically located office in Shanghai, we have Asia wide reach and impact.

Klout9 Global Services

Klout9 Global Services was established to provide best of breed niche IT products and services internationally, with an initial focus on developing economies in Africa, the Middle East as well as Asia Pacific. Klout9 Global Services started operations on 01 October, 2011.

Klout9 Global Services is incorporated in Mauritius, owned and directed by John Antony and Denys Oosthuizen.

G&G Global

The CEO and founder and his team at G & G Global have been involved in every aspect of the medical, health and wellness sector over the last 15 years. The initial focus was in helping US and European companies move in to the fast growing Asian health and wellness market. This included managing all aspects of funding, regulatory issues, identifying strategic partners, research, distribution and sales.

Today G & G Global works with over 25 companies and is also involved with partners, advising on the development of medical and wellness centers in the region. In addition G & G Global also has an extensive global network of leading health experts, that work closely with them in a variety of areas.

G & G also has close connections with several investment funds, looking for opportunities in the health sector.

Antony Consulting provides change management consultancy to organisations in the health and wellness sector in association with G & G Global.