"BE BOLD. Get in the game. JUMP IN and MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Set your goal high, and then commit to reaching them through your actions. It won't be EASY. It will be GREAT."
-Ralph Marston-

Company Profile

AC was founded 2003 in Singapore by Mr. John Antony to make consulting a practical and beneficial aid for organizations as they grow and evolve. Since then the company has worked with MNCs, Fortune 500 and local enterprises to address business challenges in Singapore, ASEAN, Australia, China and Hong Kong.

Our work is related to Change Management where we help Companies and Management Teams transition to higher performance levels. This requires the integration of various disciplines such as strategic planning and implementation, leadership team development, organizational culture molding as well as HR systems & practices refinements and implementation. These disciplines are integrated into a client-specific "Roadmap for Change" and implemented over a 1-2 year horizon.

Our Vision

"Premier, Asian Brand in Change Management Consulting dedicated to Value Creation" - synonymous for its practice-based consulting style working with clients' management teams using strategy and human performance practices.

Our aim is the development of the AC Brand that reflects value and excellence in consulting for our clients, particularly in the area of change management. This is achieved by taking a customer-centric approach and working with talents from different disciplines like Strategy, HR, OD, Finance, IT and Project Management who integrate people- with business-orientation.

Our Mission

"Partnering Organizations for Market Excellence"

We partner organizations by consulting with the client's management team to leverage managerial wisdom for achieving organizational value and co-creating opportunities. We ultimately aim to create Market Excellence for our clients - tangible results in the long-term through enhanced market positioning, brand reputation and /or share value pricing.

Our Values

We conduct business with:

v Passion: Determined, persistent and engaging is our attitude to clients.

v Integrity: Corporate honesty and ethics determine our approach to clients.

v Candour: Frank yet professional reflects our response to clients.

v Adaptability: Alignment and balance between strategic big picture client requirements and tactical solution development underlines our work with clients.

v Results-focus: Commitment to our client's success is our perspective in guiding the partnership with organizations.