"BE BOLD. Get in the game. JUMP IN and MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Set your goal high, and then commit to reaching them through your actions. It won't be EASY. It will be GREAT."
-Ralph Marston-

Clients Overview

Clients are core to us and we take the belief that consulting is a relationship based on mutual trust and professionalism that is established upfront and grown over time.

It is essential to win our clients as strategic partners. Engagement, buy-in and commitment of the top management are the necessary basis for driving improvements in any organization.

To create a lasting Win-Win relationship, we ask our clients for the following commitments:

  • Allocate the requisite time – every project is a joint effort by AC and the management team. We ask for management’s time to give valuable input, attend important meetings and decide on critical crossroads.
  • Be frank and tell it as it is – we have worked with many organizations, each with their own idiosyncrasies and culture. Hence, we would prefer if management teams gave their candid views of the situation and their expectations of the consulting assignments. This helps AC to set realistic goals and outcomes.
  • Establish a Steering Committee and Project Team – the former sets the directions and takes accountability for the consulting outcomes, the latter executes the decisions and establishes potential solutions for key issues. Our consulting approach requires an active hands-on approach from AC and the client.
  • Be ready to communicate – there is never enough communication to the organization’s staff on the consulting assignment’s objectives, process, and achievements. Our experience tells us that we unwittingly enhance resistance to change and confusion in organizations when we fail to consistently and creatively communicate our intentions.
  • Document religiously – we work with all clients to ensure effective and holistic documentation of the consulting assignment – not just the final report on achievements. Such documentations provides valuable knowledge to our clients on how we have learned as an organization, future challenges and key lessons on what went right and what could be improved.

Our Clients are

  • Globally active and recognized MNCs
  • Strategic and emerging SMEs in local markets
  • Joint-Stock Companies (JSCs)
  • Government-linked Institutions
  • Fortune 500 MNCs